A Couple More Months of maps.stamen.com

Following up on our April post, here’s another round-up of Watercolor, Toner and Terrain out there on teh internets.

Maps on Things

Today we launched Watercolor New York, the first print in a series of watercolor cities on Jen Bekman’s 20×200 site. We’ll be releasing more cities over the coming months, so keep an eye out. It’s a thrill for Stamen to be amongst the many artists already represented on 20×200, and lovely to see the watercolors in 30×40 inches of high resolution glory!

Along this theme, an enterprising chap named Sergey has taken the time to assemble map tiles into 3 posters of New York, London and Amsterdam, and popped them up as PNGs, PDFs or to buy as a print on a service called Red Bubble. Here’s to your first million, Sergey!

Ian Johnson painted some white Vans sneakers with Toner cities significant to him. (When can I get a pair, Ian?)


Riding on the Satellite Eyes wave of attention, maps popped up around the place on people’s desktops, and in the news…

Satellite Eyes is brilliant.
Photo by moleitau, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Information about Cities

Love this tweet from @spilliams:

“”well, somebody press the Easy button and let’s ship it! made with @LeafletJS and @stamen in 5 minutes.”

While it’s not exactly clear from his picture what he’s shipping—I suspect something beer-related—it’s fantastic to hear how easy it is to get up and running with our maps. There are more and more projects that are using CityTracking to share information.

Danny & Tom from Leeds Art Map have used Toner on their map of art and cultural happenings in Leeds. There’s an interesting echo with CityTracking in their project’s aims: “The project draws inspiration from Jacques Rancière’s notion of equality of intelligence. Rancière rejects the conventional relationship between master and student, specifically how this manifests as an ‘active teacher – passive receiver’ dynamic. This relationship, according to Rancière, encourages a superiority of those in the know over those who are not and need emancipating, thus perpetuating inequality. Instead, ordinary people should always have an assumption of intelligence, therefore fostering a relationship between bodies that initiates from a point of equality.”

Jack Reed has built a site that displays any and all health inspections for Atlanta restaurants on a Toner map. The service connects directly into the Georgia Department of Public Health, so viewers can see inspections for restaurants in their area. A simple map interface makes the GDPH information more available than it was before.

Newly crowned Poster Child for the entire CityTracking initiative, Marcus Wohlsen, a journalist at Wired Business, has started teaching himself web development to help him tell stories.

“I read a quote now lost in the mists of Twitter that not knowing how to program in the 21st century is like living in the Middle Ages and not knowing how to swing a sword. I think that analogy goes extra for journalists.”

We were chuffed at his lovely “tribute to Stamen’s amazing watercolor map tiles and great open-source tools such as Polymaps that make creating custom interactive maps a pleasure,” Ansel Adams in L.A...

And, in addition to writing up his process for creating the project, Marcus also created a bl.ocks.org template for other people to use. Just fantastic! Thank you, Marcus!

There are also individuals within big organizations and government beginning to use the maps, which is super exciting. Last week, Code for America announced a new initiative called 311 Labs, a platform to experiment with 311 data and communicate with each other about their work. One of the showcase projects, The Daily Brief, displays 311 tickets on Toner…

Amongst its myriad mandates, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also registers antenna structures across the USA. You can see the location of the antennas being registered on either Toner, Terrain, or a couple of other maps styles not in CityTracking, called Nightvision and Light.

The studio was thrilled when we found out that venerable Sanborn mapping company, founded in 1866, had chosen the Terrain tileset on a recent project (even though the project was in response to a sad event). Sanborn’s local Denver community was devastated by the recent Waldo Canyon Fire, and Sanborn employees responded by creating a stunning map of aerial photography of the fire damage, and a Colorado-wide map of the state’s susceptibility to wildfires.

All in all, an amazing couple of months for CityTracking! Do let us know if you have other examples out there…

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