Demand, Supply

This morning when I got into work, I noticed a small uptick in the bug reports that we get via Curiously, quite a few of them were centered around England. I suppose I had thought that we would have generated most of the English tiles by now, so could expect smooth sailing there. Then, someone gave the game away:

“A blue tile in the center of London that unfortunately shows up on my desktop background when using Satellite Eyes.”

Friend-of-Stamen, Tom Taylor, announced almost 24 hours ago that he had “made a thing and wrote a blog post about it.” That thing is Satellite Eyes, which changes your Mac desktop wallpaper to a map of where you are. Tom has incorporated Watercolor, Toner and Terrain (in the U.S.) as well as the lovely Bing Aerial map as options.

Here is a screenshot of my desktop, with the Watercolor neighbourhood map of San Francisco in Halftone selected.

After many of us here at the Studio had installed the app, we began to notice that our tile farm was… well… smoking. Since Tom is English, we suspected that many other English people around England had also installed the app, and were happily playing with the preferences that let you switch between map styles and zoom levels. We took to the graphs:

1 is the normal, full usage. 5 is not.

Even though this is all Tom’s fault, it’s also a good thing! Far better to respond to actual demand than to try to optimize prematurely. So, we’ve increased capacity by spreading some of the some of the watercolor rendering load into EC2, and are working on re-creating those “underwater” tiles you might have noticed around the map.

Thanks, Tom! Excellent work!

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