Hello World!

Welcome to the CityTracking blog, from Stamen Design. There’s so much going on under the CityTracking banner we thought it was worth creating a new blog to keep track of it all.

Stay tuned for blog posts about new initiatives, examples of fabulous reuse of our CC-licensed map tiles, presentations & articles by Stamen staff about the project, and innovative related projects.

One other main feature of this website will be the development of a curated collection of tools for developers to use to construct various map-related features elsewhere on the web. We plan to build a “workshop” to visit to learn which components and tools are available to help you create mappish things. For example, you should be able to teach yourself how to print a wall-sized map, or how to create a map from a CSV file that contains a bunch of geo-coordinates.

We’ve also done a ton of work on CityTracking since we were awarded the Knight News Challenge, so we’ll be collecting all those bits and pieces, likeĀ Eric’s post about the project that he wrote for PBS back in November, 2010, to form something of an archive.

More soon!

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