Stamen has been exploring cartography in our own research and with clients like CNN, Zillow, Warner Brothers and Esquire Magazine for over 10 years.

As part of our CityTracking grant from the Knight News Foundation, we released three original map styles to the world under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 3.0) license: Toner, Watercolor and Terrain. We’ve since followed up with a few style variations: Toner-Lines, Toner-Labels, Toner-Lite, Terrain-Lines, Terrain-Labels and Terrain-Background. On August 24, 2012, we also released a fun WebGL experiment called BurningMap, an homage to the Burning Man Arts Festival (that only works well in the Chrome web browser).

There is much more information on the project at the main project site,, including information on the CC license, and how to incorporate the maps into your site.

Screenshot of, taken August 27, 2012
Screenshot of, taken August 27, 2012

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    • Hi Sharon,

      I’m afraid we don’t sell prints directly from Stamen, and we don’t have another vendor that we work with. If you have time & inclination, you might like to try recreating your map using our Map to Image tool. While it won’t be the same level of quality, or resolution, it will be an image you can print.

      Just look for the yellow button when you’re on the large view of a map style:

      Or, you might like to take a look at Map Stack, a way for people to create up to 5 cartographic layers with Photoshop-like effects applied. The output of Map Stack is an image too.

  1. Congratulations for your outstanding work …

    Is there a way to add street names in the watercolor mode of the map ?

    Thank you !

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