The Wild and Wonderful World of maps.stamen

3-D Map of Paris Tornado History Rentals in British Columbia
Boston Street Improvements Chicago Gun Sales SF Street Histories
Southern Segregation Live Weather Radar London Land Allotment
Los Angeles Metro Data World Map Quilt Submit Your Story
Surnames in Britain Iowa Flood Systems Paris Surveillance
The Battle of Fredericksburg Tweets of NYC Anti-social Behavior in London

5 thoughts on “The Wild and Wonderful World of maps.stamen

  1. Hello, I’m teaching in the UCD School of Architecture (Dublin, Ireland) – and wonder if, or how, I can gain access to some of the “for your eyes only” material for teaching purposes. I’m curious about the maps under the Wild and Wonderful World of Stamen Maps eg subtitled 3D map of Paris, or Land Allotment in London…
    These images are fantastic for inspiring students!

    • Hi Sophia,
      Sorry about that. I’m fixing those images right now. They’re all links to the actual maps online too, by the way, so you and the student should be able to click through to see them.

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