Winding Up…

Well, we’ve sent in our Citytracking grant report to the Knight News Challenge team. I’m still working on a write-up of the last few months of Citytracking activity (since my last update post), and we’re planning to publish the actual grant report for other people to read on the blog. But! While you wait patiently, here’s a nice photo of a giant map out in the world.

The photo was sent to us by Martin von Wyss, in Victoria, Australia. We were proud to display a large (upside down) watercolor map of London in the map gallery at GeoNext, the conference in Australia for location-based technology & business:

State of the cartography

Once maps were special. They were collected, copied, encrypted, used to plan wars and proved wisdom and influence. The map was the muse for artists like Johannes Vermeer and Jasper Johns who made them the focus of paintings.

Now maps are commonplace and banal. As publishers fade away, map shops close and road atlases are replaced by GPS directions, do maps continue to fascinate artists?

A new exhibit of recent works puts the art back into cartography and coincides with the second GeoNext conference. Maps of big data, novel interpretations, emotions and ideas remind us that it isn’t the process or media that matter when a big, stationery, canvas is required.

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